Farm Vera Farioli

It's my name, Vera.

Here, in my farm, we breed cows, horses, donkeys and rabbits. You can buy a basket with our products, all strictly "Made in Antrona", you can take a ride in a carriage perhaps make a spot for a fun and tasty picnic on the grass. The children here are welcome and will be able to live a magical day on the farm through our educational workshops and in the company of our beautiful Veals and Horses Greti and Riana.


That's all you can do or find here in the farm.

Carriage ride

It's called Greti, is a Haflinger horse and she can do a carriage ride through the streets of the country to discover enchanted corners and historic sites that tell the life of a time in our country. Can not miss the stop for a picnic on the grass made ​​of cheese, ham and a slice of tart berries just packed!

Educational farm

Why does a cow do moo? How closely is made a rabbit? How do you milk a cow? A tour to discover the animal friends, designed for the little ones. Admission is free, by reservation.

Week and weekend green

Soon there will be a surprise. For now I can only tell you what have Camilla and Giustino. Who they are? Two nice donkeys who love the company of children and... but if I tell all the story, what a surprise is it? Right?


And the taste is not all!

If you want a culinary souvenir of your stay in Valle Antrona, we offer a wide range of products to choose from , all fresh and genuine. Directly from producer to consumer. We believe in the production and distribution of products to zero km for which we find fresh products.

We recommend one of our baskets.

Family Basket
Ten kilograms of fresh meat of different cuts. A quarter of the Alpe Cheggio cheese and two jars of homemade jam, preservative-free, tastes blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, pears, apples, figs, kiwi. Of course availability varies depending on the season.

Basket of Dairy
Meat from our cows: Alpe Cheggio cheese, fresh milk and butter.

Basket of goodness
All mountain delicacies taste: jams season, walnut liqueur produced in the Valley and walnut oil in the Valley. And in case of sore throat, cough syrup of pine and natural propolis.

Meat sale of own production
If desired, after booking, we can also prepare baskets of local meat mixed, family-size.